Bloated to Body Confident


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  • The complete step-by-step system to heal your gut from the root cause.
  • Targeted Approach Healing: A streamlined strategy that offers a total value of $16,020 of holistic, evidence-based information and expert guidance to eliminate wasted investments in testing and treatment.
  • Tame Your Trigger Tactics: Feel better quicker with tactics you can use (while you address your root cause)
  • Quick Wins Strategies To Decrease Symptoms ASAP: Winner are grinners strategies to give you a much deserving quick win. Whether it's reduction in symptoms, speedy relief tactics or less flares a win is a win and exactly what you need to keep the motivation going!
  • Clear & Concise Tutorials: Avoid the overwhelm of contradicting information on the internet and between practitioners with lifelong access to tutorials based on clinical experience and scientific evidence from a qualified gut health expert.
  • How To Stop Your Symptoms Returning: This is your ticket to get off the relapsing roundabout what a strategy to stop symptoms for good 
  • Food Freedom: A supportive journey towards the end goal of Food Freedom as we approach food with an inclusive mindset and a focus on simple hacks to improve food tolerance.
  • Beyond The Band-Aid Holistic Treatment Strategies: Treat deeper than superficial symptom relief with a holistic plan that finally treats the root cause.
  • Lifetime access to course curriculum 



  • One-On-One Expert Calls: 4 x 1:1 appointments with Rachel to support even the most complex gut health issues. Have access to practitioner only tests and products for the duration of your 1:1 appointment) (THIS BONUS IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY)
  • The Coaching Hub: You're never alone with (lifetime access) monthly group coaching sessions with Rachel, gut health expert, to get feedback and support on your process, test interpretation and answer any questions you have.
  • 25+ Helpful Handouts: The "No-Time' Antidote of handouts that covers guide dietary choices, detoxification strategies and other at home tests.  No need to spend hours googling or looking up 'how to's'
  • Products That Work Dispensary Guide: Avoid the expensive game of buying and trying products that simply don't work with my trusted dispensary guide (List tailored for AUS, NZ, UK, USA, CAN and parts of Europe) 
  • Complete Targeted Testing Guide: Finally get answers with a list of the best tests and companies to use and how to order them. (List tailored for AUS, NZ, UK, USA, CAN and parts of Europe)
  • The Root Cause Template: The most simple and effective way to find your root cause is to map it out. This map will help you (finally) find your root cause so you treat and beat it for good.
  • Bank of FAQ’s: Troubleshoot your issues with a running list of FAQ’s inspired by real experiences. 

  • Money in your pocket: Access discounts with some of my favourite brands

Refund Policy

**I want you to feel 100% confident that this course is exactly what you need to achieve a life of freedom, confidence and feeling like yourself again, so I am offering a strict 7 day no questions asked refund policy.**


I am happy to answer any questions you have to make sure this course is the right fit for you before you purchase so please reach out at [email protected] 


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What People Are Saying:

Rachel is incredible, she helped me so much with my gut health. Id even go as far as saying life changing, I can’t believe how amazing I feel eating all the foods I was previously told I’d never be able to eat again! Thankyou Rachel!

Brooke P.

Every cent is 100% worth it, I recommend her to everyone! Working with Rachel is honestly life-changing. I first worked with her to help heal my gut a few years ago and I am working with her a second time to help with continued sickness post-covid. Both times she helped me improve my health beyond anything I could ever imagine. Working with Rachel is also an educational journey of learning about your body that has been huge in my personal development

Becki K.

Cannot recommend Rachel enough! After 10 years of gut issues affecting my daily life, I finally found Rachel after many years of no resolve. The minute I met her I felt comfortable and in good hands, she was so easy to talk to and attentive. My digestive problems are now in the past, I feel great and I can enjoy eating a vast and healthy diet again. Thank you again Rachel!!

Mathew S.

I’ve been getting compliments from my colleagues and family and feel so much happier and more confident. I have just started seeing Rachel for issues with my gut/bloating and energy. Within 2 weeks, I’m already feeling so much better! My bloating has reduced to nearly nothing and I have lost 6 kgs already. Coming from someone who has put off sorting my gut issues for years and years, I’m so happy I was introduced to Rachel. I’m excited about my happier and healthier future!

Charlotte M.

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