Find Your Root Cause

Find Your Root Cause helps bloating, IBS and SIBO sufferers wake up each day feeling confident and in control of their health by having a clear understanding of what’s happening in their body by finding the real cause of their symptoms.

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Does This Sound Like YOU? 


You are struggling to find a diagnosis AND identify the real, underlying cause of your bloating

You crave a free and normal life that allows you to eat food confidently, dress comfortably and feel like your energized, happy self again once. 

And an IBS, SIBO or bloating sufferer, you tick one of two boxes:

You Have Been Struggling For Years with Health Professionals and Still Lack a Diagnosis


You feel let down by doctors and the medical system as you have been unable to get a diagnosis despite hundreds of different tests, trying so many treatments and seeing so many different experts. 


You’re yet to hit the nail on the head.

You’re SO ready to understand your body and identify the problem so you can treat your issue properly and feel strong, healthy and in control of your body.  

You Feel So Overwhelmed and Under Supported That You Don’t Know Where To Start


You've gone to your GP but feel unheard in your struggles as they fail to recognise your pain.

As a result you feel alone and you’re blindly trying supplements (without really knowing if they’re right) for you because no-one is listening or able to help.

You’re desperate for someone to take you seriously, listen to you and help you test, identify and treat your bloating so you can feel confident, healthy and happy in yourself again.



The TRUE secret to beating the bloat and being in control of your health isn’t:


  • By listening to professionals that hear your concerns and keeps telling you ‘there’s nothing wrong’
  • Following a treatment that only focuses on providing a quick fix 
  • Eliminating foods and following a hard and restrictive diet long-term; 


Instead? It’s thinking outside the limited medical mindset and (regardless of what you have been told) believing that there is always a testable and treatable reason for your bloating issues (remember, you weren’t born bloated!)




It’s taking the steps to identify the deeper cause of bloating so you can create an effective, individualized and holistic plan that actually works.

(whether you are yet to start your journey or have been to countless practitioners) .. so that you don’t spend - or continue to waste - thousands of dollars and the next best years of your life on products, tests and appointments only to end up feeling more confused, hopeless and bloated!

My Mission: To Help You Understand What Is Happening in Your Body By Finding Your Root Cause


What is The Root Cause?

It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that has been the difference between you feeling chronically bloated and in pain for years (with no answers or reasons to explain why) to understanding and healing your body so you can finally feel happy, healthy and in control of your life.

"Finding Your Root Cause Is the BEST Way to achieve a normal, healthy life full of energy, confidence and freedom, without constant pain and digestive issues."


Imagine waking up with zero food anxiety without constantly fearing your body and instead feeling like yourself again (or a brand new sparkly version) where you feel strong, healthy, confident and in control of your own life


Here’s the rub, though 


Your Root Cause is unique to you (which makes sense because no two people are the exact same). Different root causes require different treatments and supports to treat and beat the bloat, IBS and SIBO for good.


Understanding the unique underlying cause of your pain, bloating and discomfort will ensure you swap cookie cutter treatments and disappointing results for a solution that works and gives you the (bloat) free, confident life your want.

What You’ll Learn in This Free Program: 


Find Your Root Cause helps bloating, IBS and SIBO sufferers wake up each day feeling confident and in control of their health by having a clear understanding of what’s happening in their body by finding the real cause of their symptoms.


…whether you’ve been struggling to find answers and solutions for years or you’ve just begun your journey.  


The goal? To swap incomplete diagnosis and blind, inconsistent treatments for a holistic and individualised approach with targeted testing to bring clarity and understanding to your health so you can finally feel like your free, happy and confident self again.

The vehicle? The identification of your bloating root cause so that your bloating treatment plan finally starts treating the right thing and start getting results!

Not only that, but you can significantly reduce your risk of your bloating, IBS and SIBO returning when you treat the issue from here.

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Here’s the Sort of Thing We Will Cover: 

Week One: Clarify Your Healing Needs 


  • Understand if your bloating is normal or not so you can confidently continue your search for answers (even if doctors tell you there is nothing you can do fix your bloating)
  • Learn how to advocate for yourself in the healthcare system to ensure you are heard and listened to by health professionals
  • Decide if you have the right healthcare team and treatment approach that will help you find, test and treat the root cause
  • Know when to call it quits on your current approach so you can stop wasting money, time and effort in the wrong place

Week Two: 
Let's Talk Testing


  • Understand why your tests have come back ‘normal’ 
  • Learn how you can use these results to your advantage 
  • Know the truth about testing interpretation so that you aren’t missing out on information that is vital to finding your underlying cause
  • Understand what tests are really showing you so don’t miss the root cause

Week Three: Discover Your Root Cause


  • Understand the foundations of health which will allow you to understand potential causes of illness
  • Understand what to expect from your healing journey now that you have identified your root and perpetuating cause(s) 
  • Learn how to identify your root cause(s) so you can start formulating a targeted treatment plan.
  • Know what it means if symptoms don’t go or return after treatment

Week Four BONUS: Support and Success


  • We will toast and celebrate the action you have taken!
  • Cap off this training with an introduction into how to create an effective treatment strategy.
  • You’ll also get a juicy bonus session on how you can start treating your root cause and experience your first taste of your new life full of freedom and confidence. 

What You Get

This free program includes: 


Lesson Drops Over Four Weeks — Four LIVE short but thought-provoking lessons to help you go from confused to clear on your bloating root cause [Value $1000]


Accompanying Worksheet — Step-by-step digital worksheets with easy, actionable exercises to complete to solidify your ah-ha moment and important take homes from the Find Your Root Cause method [Value $200]


Crystal Clear Clarity — On what’s needed to achieve life (you once had or have been dreaming of) full of better health and confidence without the daily bloating, constant confusion of what to eat and discomfort in your own clothes (this is the most important work you will ever do)


Total Value— $1200 Currently 100% FREE (no hidden fees or costs).

Until the 30th June 2024 we are GIFTING it to you for free. As of July 1st 2024 it will be a paid product.

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100% FREE as a gift to help you find the root cause of your bloating, IBS or SIBO

4 sessions (including a BONUS final celebration session)



Feel confident and in control of your health by understanding what’s happening in your body

For all stages of the healing journey (whether you've just started or you're years into your search)


It’s time to wake up feeling confident and in control of your health and say goodbye to bloating, IBS and SIBO for good!

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